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About Us

About the Winter Basketball League


To use basketball as a vehicle to proclaim Christ and teach character.



To position young men and women to become winners in the game of life! 


League Distinctive:


  • Character focus. The chief purpose of this league is to instill character in students. Basketball can be a great vehicle to capture the attention of young people and give them the tools they need to excel. 

  • Accountability. Every player in the league will be accountable to live by the Character Agreement during the season. The Character Agreement simply states that players will not harm their minds and bodies by pollutions of this world (drugs, stealing, skipping school, etc.). Players not adhering to this agreement may be dismissed from the league. 

  • Sportsmanship. Players and coaches will be encouraged to display good sportsmanship throughout the season. Winning teams will be encouraged to win with humility and losing teams will be encouraged to lose with dignity.


League Strategy:  


  • Pep Rally. The Pep Rally is designed to get players and coaches excited about the upcoming season. Each team is introduced and players sign Character Agreements.

  • Rap Sessions. Rap sessions are mandatory small group discussions held an hour before each game. Rap sessions are led by community leaders and concerned citizens that desire to make an impact on players' lives. Players arriving late or not attending rap sessions will not be allowed to play in the game that day.  

  • Heathly Leadership. Coaches are required to attend a preseason orientation to discuss expectations of the league. Coaches also have to sign an agreement stating that they will conduct themselves with the highest integrity possible. Coaches not adhering to the agreement may face suspension or dismissal from the league.   


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